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Data listing by material

Number of datasets below 20 °C = 38,682
Number of datasets at 200 K and below = 11,420
Number of datasets at 80 K and below = 9,301
Number of datasets at 20 K and below = 5,007

Key to property symbols (number of datasets):

D     = Density (10,318 / 3,094)
DLL   = Linear thermal expansion (ΔL/L) (15,040)
MTE   = Mean coefficient of thermal expansion (15,040)
CTE   = Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) (12,425)
E     = Elastic/Young's modulus (2,094 / 4,692)
G     = Shear modulus (892 / 1,503)
v     = Poisson's ratio (754 / 1,595)
K     = Bulk modulus (750 / 1,504)
TC    = Thermal conductivity (3,832 / 2,055)
TD    = Thermal diffusivity (1,424 / 1,480)
SH    = Specific heat (2,738 / 1,349)
HC    = Heat capacity (1,644 / 6)
SSC   = True stress-strain curve (tension) (2,774)
SSCC  = True stress-strain curve (compression) (2,455)
UTS   = Tensile strength (2,529 / 2,717)
YS    = Yield strength (tension) (2,150 / 2,693)
UCS   = Compressive strength (34 / 48)
YSC   = Yield strength (compression) (271 / 37)
%El   = Elongation (1,779 / 4,455)
SR    = Stress rupture (3,321)
FEN   = Fatigue ε-N curve (609)
FSN   = Fatigue S-N curve (2,256)
CRS   = Creep strength (6,571)
IC    = Isochronous creep (10,773)
HE    = Hemispherical total emissivity (249)
NE    = Normal total emissivity (154)
VP    = Vapor pressure (389)
Vis   = Viscosity (2,979)
ST    = Surface tension (2,157)
RHO   = Electrical resistivity (6,719 / 2,891)
SIGMA = Electrical conductivity (6,787 / 2,891)
SV    = Specific volume (657)
AV    = Apparent viscosity (992)
FM    = Flexural modulus (348 / 2,405)
FS    = Flexural strength (227 / 2,347)
ESSC  = Engineering stress-strain curve (tension) (3,535)
ESSCC = Engineering stress-strain curve (compression) (164)
CRM   = Creep modulus (876)
RPB   = Relative permeability (256)
AP    = Absolute permeability (256)
BH    = B-H curve (284)
HB    = H-B curve (284)
CL    = Core loss (327)
EP    = Exciting Power (138)
DCRPT = Relative permittivity (2,995)
DF    = Dissipation factor (2,674)
RIW   = Refractive index vs λ (5,013)
RIT   = Refractive index vs T (3,936 / 264)
S     = Seebeck coefficient (1,068 / 31)

In the above property list the number after the property is the number of curves available, if there is a second number this is the number of single point values (values at RT only) and is not included in the first number.

Data in Version 9.71

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Acetal/POM (polyoxymethylene) Aluminum alloys Bimetal alloys
Borides Carbides Carbons Cast irons
Ceramic matrix composites Cermets Circuit boards & Antenna substrates Cobalt alloys
Complex oxides/silicates Controlled expansion alloys Copper alloys DAP & DAIP (diallyl (ortho-, iso-) phthalates)
ECTFE (polyethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) Electro-ceramics Elements Epoxies
EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) Foods Glasses High entropy & Equiatomic alloys
Hydrides Intermetallics Iron alloys LCP (liquid crystal polymer)
m-PPE (modified polyphenylene ether) Magnesium alloys Magnetic alloys & Electrical steels Metal matrix composites
Metallic glasses Minerals, Rocks, & Soils Miscellaneous polymer composites Miscellaneous polymers
Mold materials Nickel alloys Nitrides & Oxynitries Nylons & PA/PI (polyamides)
Organics & Hydrocarbons Other materials Oxides PAEK & PEEK (polyaryletherketone)
PAI (polyamide-imide) PARA (polyarylamide) Parylenes & Polyolefins PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) & PBT/PET
PC (polycarbonates) & blends PCT (polycyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate) PE (polyethylene) PEI (polyetherimide)
PEMA (polyether block amide) PES/PESU (polyether sulfone) PET (polyethylene terephthalate) PFA & ETFE (fluorocarbons)
PLA (polylactic acid) PMMA, PMMI, & Acrylics Polyesters PP (polypropylenes)
PPA (polyphthalamides) PPE/PA (polyphenylene ether/polyamide) PPE/PP (polyphenylene ether/polyproplyene) PPE/PS (polyphenylene ether/polystyrene)
PPE/TPE, TPV, & SEBS PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) PPSU/PPSF (polyphenyl sulfone) Precious metal alloys
PSU (polysulfone) PVF/PVDF/PVC (poly(vinyl/idene fluoride/chloride)) Refractory metal alloys Resistance alloys
Salts (binary mixtures; Ag-CaF) Salts (binary mixtures; Ca(NO2)2-KBr) Salts (binary mixtures; KCHO2-LiClO4) Salts (binary mixtures; LiF-Zn)
Salts (monatomic; Br & Cl) Salts (monatomic; F & I) Salts (monatomic; S) Salts (polyatomic)
Salts (ternary mixtures) Semi/Superconductors & Optical materials Silicides Silicones & Elastomers
Solders, Brazes, & Low melting alloys Structural foams TCP (thermally conductive polymers) Thermal barrier coatings
Thermal insulation materials Thermocouple alloys Thermoelectrics Titanium alloys
Tool steels TPC (thermoplastic copolyester elastomer) UR, PU, & TPU (thermoset polyurethanes) Woods
Zinc alloys

Properties with a * are single point room temperature values only.


Hydrogen D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Helium D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Lithium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Beryllium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS          NE  VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                        RIW          
Boron D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Carbon see Carbons
Nitrogen D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Oxygen D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Fluorine D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Neon D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Sodium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Magnesium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC                                   FSN                   VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Aluminum D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN           HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Silicon D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                              FSN           HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                        RIW  RIT     
Phosphorus D*                            TC      SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis                                                                                                     
Sulfur D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Chlorine D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Argon D  DLL  MTE                K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Potassium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                 VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Calcium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Scandium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST                                                                                                 
Titanium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC           FEN                HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Vanadium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC       SSCC  UTS  YS            %El                         HE      VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Chromium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC                           YSC                                      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Manganese D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Iron D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC       SSCC       YS                                        HE  NE  VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                    RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Cobalt D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC                                                       HE  NE  VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                    RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Nickel D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN           HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                    RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Copper D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN           HE  NE  VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Zinc D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC                                                         VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA      AV                                                                             
Gallium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Germanium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                        RIW  RIT     
Arsenic D*                            TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Selenium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Bromine D*                            TC      SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis                                                                                                     
Krypton D  DLL  MTE                K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Rubidium D  DLL  MTE  CTE           K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Strontium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Yttrium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                  YS                                                VP       ST                                                                                                 
Zirconium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El                         HE      VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Niobium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN           HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Molybdenum D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC  HE  NE  VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Technetium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Ruthenium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Rhodium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                     SR                             VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Palladium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS  YS*           %El                                 VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Silver D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS                                                VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                        RIW       S  
Cadmium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS  YS                                                VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Indium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Tin (UNS L13008) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS*               %El*                                VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA      AV                                                                             
Antimony (UNS M00998) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS*                                                   VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Tellurium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Iodine D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis                                                                                                     
Xenon D  DLL  MTE                K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Caesium D  DLL  MTE  CTE           K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Barium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Lanthanum D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Cerium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Praseodymium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Neodymium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Promethium D*                            TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                                                                                                                                
Samarium D*                            TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST                                                                                                 
Europium D*                E           TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST                                                                                                 
Gadolinium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Terbium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST                                                                                                 
Dysprosium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Holmium D*                            TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST                                                                                                 
Erbium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Thulium D*                            TC  TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Ytterbium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Lutetium D*                            TC  TD* SH  HC  SSC             YS                                                VP       ST                                                                                                 
Hafnium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC  SSCC                                                 HE      VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Tantalum D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC       SSCC  UTS           YSC       SR       FSN  CRS  IC  HE  NE  VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Tungsten D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE  NE  VP  Vis      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Rhenium D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS                %El           FSN           HE      VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Osmium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Iridium D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                     SR                     HE      VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Platinum D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC             UTS                %El  SR       FSN           HE      VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Gold D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Mercury D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Thallium D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Lead D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC  SSC        UTS                %El                                 VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA      AV                                                                             
Bismuth D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP  Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                  S  
Polonium D*                            TC*                                                                               VP                                                                                                          
Astatine D*                            TC*                                                                               VP                                                                                                          
Radon D                             TC                                                                                VP                                                                                                          
Francium D                             TC  TD* SH* HC*                                                                   VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Radium D*                            TC*                                                                               VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Actinium D*                            TC* TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Thorium D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH  HC                                                                    VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Protactinium D*                            TC* TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Uranium D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Neptunium D*                                    SH  HC                                                                    VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Plutonium D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Americium D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC* TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Curium D*                            TC* TD* SH  HC                                                                    VP                                                                                                          
Berkelium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Californium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Einsteinium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Fermium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Mendelevium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Nobelium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Lawrencium D*                            TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           

Iron alloys

Armco iron D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC       YS                                        HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                    RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
1006 (UNS G10060) (ASTM A29/A510/A545) (AISI 1006) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (GB & GB/T 05/05F/06TIL/08AI/17102/2518/3273/6478/711/ML04AI) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1008 (UNS G10080) (WNr 1.0204) (ISO/EN/DIN 2A/C10/C5) (JIS SWRCH8A) (ASTM A108/A510/A519/A545/A549/A575/A576) (AISI 1008) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (GB & GB/T 08/08AI/08F/11253/13253/3082/3206/3274/B1/B1F/BY1/BY1F/Q195-F/Q195-Z/Q195-b) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                                   FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1010 (UNS G10100) (WNr 1.1121) (ISO/EN/DIN C10/CK10) (JIS S10C) (ASTM A510/A519/A545/A549/A575/A576) (AISI 1010) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5040/5042/5044/5050/5053) (GB & GB/T 08MnREL/08TIL/09OIVL/10/10/10A/10F/10F/10TIL/13237/13791/13795/13796/2518/3078/3087/3093/3094/3206/3273/3275/3639/4354/4357/5953/6478/6479/6725/699/710/710/711/8110/8162/8163/8164/8919/9948/ER49-1/ER50-4/ML10/ML10AI) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1015 (UNS G10150) (WNr 1.1141) (ISO/EN/DIN C14/C15/C15E/Ck15) (JIS S15C) (ASTM C18RR/XC12/XC15) (AISI 1015) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5060) (GB & GB/T 11253/12470/13237/13791/14292/15/15F/15Mn/17107/3078/3094/3206/3274/3275/3522/4357/5293/6478/6479/6725/699/700/710/711/8164/912/H15A/H15Mn/H15Mn/ML15/Q235C-Z/Q235D-TZ) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1018 (UNS G10180) (WNr 1.0453) (ISO/EN/DIN C14/CK15) (JIS SEV295/SEV345) (ASTM A108/A510/A513/A519/A544/A545/A548/A549/A576/A659) (AISI 1018) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5069) (GB & GB/T 410/5312/712/D) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                              FEN  FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1020 (UNS G10200) (WNr 1.0402) (ISO/EN/DIN C22/CK22) (JIS S20C/S22C/SWRCH20A) (ASTM A510/A519/A544/A576/A659) (AISI 1020) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5032/5045) (GB & GB/T 13237/13791/17107/17396/20/20A/20F/20G/3078/3087/3093/3206/3275/3522/3639/4357/5310/6478/6479/6725/699/700/710/710/711/712/714/8162/8163/8164/8919/9948/A/ML20/ML20AI/Q235q-C) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1020 + 0.23 Si D*                E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
1023 (UNS G10230) (WNr 1.1151) (ASTM A510/A575/A576) (AISI 1023) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (GB & GB/T 11253/14292/3274/3524/6725/700/912/Q235A-F/Q235A-b/Q255/Q255A-Z/Q255B-F/Q255B-F/Q255B-Z/Q255B-b) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                       HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1030 (UNS G10300) (WNr 1.1172) (ISO/EN/DIN C30) (JIS S30C/SWRH32B) (ASTM A510/A512/A519/A544/A546/A576/A682) (AISI 1030) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AFNOR AF50C30/XC32) (GB & GB/T 30) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                             FEN                HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1035 (UNS G10350) (ISO/EN/DIN 35C8/C35/C35Mn75) (JIS S35C/SWRH37B) (ASTM A510/A519/A544/A545/A546/A576/A682) (AISI 1035) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5080/5082) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                                                 HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1040 (UNS G10400) (WNr 1.1186) (ISO/EN/DIN 45C8/CK45/Ck40) (JIS G4051S40C/SWRH42B) (ASTM A108/A29/A449/A510/A519/A546/A576/A682) (AISI 1040) (SAE J403/J412/J414) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
10B46 (AISI 10B46) (SAE J403) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                                                 HE                                                                                                                  
1045 (UNS G10450) (WNr 1.1192/1.1730) (ISO/EN/DIN 45C8/C45/C45E/C45U/Ck45) (JIS S45C/SWRH47B) (ASTM A29/A510/A519/A576/A682) (AISI 1045) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AFNOR XC48) (GB & GB/T 45/45H) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1065 (UNS G10650) (WNr 1.1230) (ISO/EN/DIN 65C6/C67) (JIS S65C/SWRH67B) (AISI 1065) (GB & GB/T 1222/3078/3522/4354/4357/65/6725/6819/699/711) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC                                                                        HE      VP           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1070 (UNS G10700) (WNr 1.1520) (JIS SWRH72B) (ASTM A510/A576/A682) (AISI 1070) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5115) (AFNOR C70E2U) (GB & GB/T 1222/13788/3522/4354/4357/4358/6725/699/70/70-E/70-F/70-G/711/8919/CRB1170) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC                                                     FEN  FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1075 (UNS G10750) (WNr 1.0614) (JIS G4801SUP3/SWRH77B) (AISI 1075) (GB & GB/T 4354/4357/6725/699/75/8919) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1080 (UNS G10800) (WNr 1.1248) (ISO/EN/DIN Ck75) (JIS SWRH82B) (ASTM A29/A510/A576/A682) (AISI 1080) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5110) (GB & GB/T 4357/5354/6725/699/80/8919) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                       HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1086 (UNS G10860) (WNr 1.0628) (AISI 1086) (GB & GB/T 4358/T8MnA-E/T8MnA-F/T8MnA-G/T9A-E/T9A-F/T9A-G) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
1095 (UNS G10950) (WNr 1.0618) (ISO/EN/DIN Ck101) (ASTM A290/A510/A576/A682) (AISI 1095) (SAE J403/J412/J414) (AMS 5121/5122/5132/7304) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC                                                                        HE      VP                                                                                                          
EN08 (WNr 1.0511/1.1186/1.1189) (JIS S40C) (AFNOR AF60C40/AF60C45/XC42HI) (GB & GB/T 40) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                         HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
LZ45CrV D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                  FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
LZ50 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC                                   FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
G4802 SK5-CSP (JIS G4802SK5-CSP) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K          SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
22MnB5 D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
1110 (UNS G11090/G11100) (WNr 1.0702/1.0703) (JIS SUM11/SUM12) (AISI 1110) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
1112 (AISI 1112) D*                E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
1141 (UNS G11410) (AISI 1141) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
1144 (UNS G11440) (ASTM A29/A311/A510) (AISI 1144) D*                E  G  v  K                                                         FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
1151 (UNS G11510) (AISI 1151) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
1522 (UNS G15220) D*                                                 SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
P355N (WNr 1.0562) (JIS SM490B) (AFNOR A510AP/E355R) (GB & GB/T 20) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
P355NH (WNr 1.0565) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                     YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
P355NL1 (WNr 1.0566) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
P355NL2 (WNr 1.1106) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
FMDP pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
API X60 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
API X65 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
API X70 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
API X80 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC  SSCC                                   FSN                                                                                                                               
API X90 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                 UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
API X100 pipeline steel D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                  SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
X100Q offshore riser steel D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                  SSC                                    FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
standard pearlitic rail steel D*                                            SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
ER70S-6 welding wire (UNS K11140)                   E*                          SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
ER100S-1 welding wire                   E*                          SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
ER110S-G welding wire                                               SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
NiCrMo 2.5-IG filler wire                                                                                      FEN                                                                                                                                    
3140 (UNS G31400) D*                E  G  v  K      TD                                                      FSN                                                                                                                               
4037 (UNS G40370) (WNr 1.5432) (ISO/EN/DIN 42MnMo7) (ASTM A322/A331/A519/A547) (AISI 4037) (SAE J404/J412/J770) D*                E  G  v  K  TC                   SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
4130 (UNS G41300) (WNr 1.7218) (ISO/EN/DIN 25CrMo4/G26CrMo4) (JIS SCM420/SCM430) (ASTM A322/A331/A505/A513) (AISI 4130) (SAE J404/J412/J770) (AMS 6350/6356/6360) (AFNOR 25CD4) (GB & GB/T 30CrMo/ZG20CrMo) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS       YSC  %El* SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
4135 (UNS G41350) (WNr 1.7220) (ISO/EN/DIN 34CrMo4/35CrMo4) (JIS SCM435H) (ASTM A29/A331/A355/A519/A519/A711/A829) (AISI 4135) (SAE J1397/J404/J412/J770) (AMS 6352/6365/6372/6372C/6372D) (AFNOR 34CD4/35CD4) (GB & GB/T 35CrMo/ZG35CrMo) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
4140 (UNS G41400) (WNr 1.3563/1.7223/1.7225/1.7227) (ISO/EN/DIN 40Cr4Mo3/42CrMo4) (JIS SCM440/SCM440H) (ASTM A193/A194/A29/A320/A322/A331/A505/A506/A513/A519/A547/A646/A711/A752/A829) (AISI 4140) (SAE J404/J412/J770) (AMS 6349/6381/6382/6390/6395/6529) (AFNOR 42CD4) (GB & GB/T 42CrMo) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS                     FEN  FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
4142 (UNS G41420) (ISO/EN/DIN 40Cr4Mo3/42Cr4Mo2) (AISI 4142) D*                E  G  v  K                                                         FEN  FSN                            ST                                                                                                 
4150 (WNr 1.7228) (ISO/EN/DIN 50CrMo4) (AISI 4150) (AFNOR 50CD4) (GB & GB/T 50CrMo) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
SCM 415 (WNr 1.7262) (ISO/EN/DIN 15CrMo) (JIS SCM415) (AFNOR 15CD4.05) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
4310 (UNS G43100) (AISI 4310) (SAE 4310) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
4320 (UNS G43200) (ISO/EN/DIN 15NiVCr1Mo15) (AISI 4320) (SAE 4320) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
4330 (UNS G43300) (AISI 4330) (SAE 4330) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                           SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
4330V D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                                                       FSN                                                                                                                               
4340 (UNS G43400) (WNr 1.6565) (ISO/EN/DIN 36CrNiMo6/40NiCr4Mo3/40NiCrMo6) (JIS G4103SNCM439) (ASTM A322/A331/A505/A519/A547/A646) (AISI 4340) (SAE J404/J412/J770) (AMS 5331/6359/6414/6415) (AFNOR 35NCD6) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC       SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
4350 (UNS G43500) (AISI 4350) (SAE 4350) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
4615 (UNS G46150) (AISI 4615) (SAE 4615) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                                                                                                 RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
20MnCr5 (UNS G48200/H51200) (WNr 1.7147/1.7149) (ISO/EN/DIN 20MnCr1/20MnCr5/20MnCrS5) (ASTM A29/A29M) (AISI 4820/5120) (AFNOR 20MC5) (GB & GB/T 20CrMn/20MnCrH/3077/5216) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
27MnCr5 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*     SSC                                                                            RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
5115 (UNS G51150) (WNr 1.7131) (ISO/EN/DIN 16MnCr5/17Mn1Cr95) (AISI 5115) (AFNOR 16MC5) (GB & GB/T 15CrMn/16MnCr) D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
5132 (UNS G51320) (WNr 1.7033/1.7037/1.8401) (ISO/EN/DIN 34Cr4/34CrS4) (ASTM A331/A332/A505/A519) (AISI 5132) (SAE J404/J412/J770) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
5140 (UNS G51400) (WNr 1.7035/1.7039/1.7045) (ISO/EN/DIN 37Cr4/40Cr/40Cr1/41Cr4) (JIS SCR440) (ASTM A331/A332/A505/A519) (AISI 5140) (SAE J404/J412/J770) (AFNOR 42C4) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                         FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
5160 (UNS G51600) (ASTM A29/A322/A331/A505/A519/A752/A829) (AISI 5160) (SAE J1397/J404/J412/J770) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
100CrMnMoSi8 (WNr 1.3539) D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
52100 (UNS G52986) (ISO/EN/DIN 100Cr6/103Cr1) (JIS G4805SUJ2) (AMS 6444) (AFNOR 100Cr6/100Cr6RR) (GB & GB/T Cr2/GCr15) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K*                 SSC  SSCC                YSC                FSN                                                                                                                               
6125 (AISI 6125) (SAE 6125) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
6140 (UNS G61400) (AISI 6140) (SAE J1249) D*                E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
6150 (UNS G61500) (WNr 1.8159) (ISO/EN/DIN 50CrV2/50CrV4/51CrV4) (JIS G4801SUP10) (AISI 6150) (SAE 6150) (AFNOR 50CV4/50CrV4/51CrV4) (GB & GB/T 50CrVA) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                         FSN                                                                                                                               
8620 (WNr 1.7321) (ISO/EN/DIN 20MoCr4/20NiCrMo2) (SAE 8620) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
8630 (UNS G86300) (WNr 1.6545) (ISO/EN/DIN 30NiCrMo2) (ASTM A322/A505) (AISI 8630) (AMS 5333) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS       YSC  %El      FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
8640 (UNS G86400) (WNr 1.6546) (ISO/EN/DIN 40NiCrMo2) (ASTM A29/A331/A332/A506/A519/A752/A829) (AISI 8640) D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
S690QL (WNr 1.8928) D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
JIS G 4801 SUP12 (JIS G4801SUP12) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
9255 (UNS G92550) (WNr 1.0904) (ISO/EN/DIN 55Si2Mn90/55Si7) (AISI 9255) (SAE J404/J412/J770) D*                E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
9310 (UNS G93106/H93100) (WNr 1.6657) (ISO/EN/DIN 14NiCrMo13) (AISI 9310) (SAE 9310) D*                            TC                   SSCC                                   FSN                                                                                                                               
20Cr D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
51SiCr7 (WNr 1.7106) (ISO/EN/DIN 51SiCr7) D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
34CrNiMo6 (WNr 1.6582) (ISO/EN/DIN 34CrNiMo6) (JIS SNCM447) (SAE 4340) (AFNOR 35NCD6) (GB & GB/T 34CrNi3Mo/34CrNiMo/ZG34CrNiMo) D*                                            SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*     FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
18CrNi8 (WNr 1.5920) (ISO/EN/DIN 18CrNi8) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS                          FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
26NiCrMoV14-5 (WNr 1.6957) (ISO/EN/DIN 26NiCrMoV145) D*                                                                                   FEN                                                                                                                                    
CrNiMoWMnV (ISO/EN/DIN CrNiMoWMnV) D*                                                 SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
A36 (UNS K02600) (ASTM A36) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS                                                                                                                          
A106 Grade B (UNS K03006) (WNr 1.0405) (ISO/EN/DIN P265GH) (JIS G3454STPG410) (ASTM A106B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El      FEN                                                                                                                                    
A182 Grade F1 (WNr 1.5415) (ISO/EN/DIN 15Mo3/16Mo3) (SAE A182GradeF1) (AMS A182GradeF1) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                      YS                 SR  FEN       CRS                                                                                                                          
A182 Grade F11 (WNr 1.7335) (ISO/EN/DIN 13CrMo44/13CrMo45) (JIS SFVAF12) (SAE A182GradeF11) (AMS A182GradeF11) (GB & GB/T 12CrMo) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                      YS                 SR            CRS                                                                                                                          
A201 Grade B D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
A302 Grade B D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                    FEN                                                                                                                                    
A333 Grade 6 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
A441 (UNS K12211) (ASTM A441) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS                                                                                                                                                            
A500 Grade A D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
A508 Cl.3 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
A508 Gr.1A D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
A514 (UNS K11872) (JIS ADC6) (ASTM G4A) (AFNOR A-G3T) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
A529 (WNr 1.0044) (JIS SS400) (ASTM A529) (AFNOR E28-2) (GB & GB/T Q225A/Q275Z) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
A537 Gr 1 & 2 (S185) (UNS K02400) (ASTM A537) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El      FEN                                                                                                                                    
A533 Grade B (WNr 1.7703) (ISO/EN/DIN 13CrMoV9-10) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS                     SR  FEN                                                                                                                                    
A572 Grade 50 (WNr 1.0045) (JIS SM490A/SS490) (ASTM A572) (AFNOR E36-2) (GB & GB/T Q345B/Q345C) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El                CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
A572 Grade 65 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC              SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
A992 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
A633 Grade C (UNS K12000) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
ASTM A723 (UNS K25550) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
500C rebar D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
BS 460B (steel reinforcing bar) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
BS B500B (steel reinforcing bar) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
A881/A881M rebar D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Grade 60 (420 MPa) rebar (ASTM A615/A615M) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Grade 550 rebar (ASTM A615/A615M) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Grade 650 rebar (ASTM A615/A615M) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Grade 700 rebar (ASTM A615/A615M) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
P690Q (WNr 1.8879) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
10GN2MFA D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El      FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
JIS G4053-SMn443 (JIS G4053SMn443) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
P500QL2 (WNr 1.8865) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                      YS                                                                                                                                                            
DIROS 500 S D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                 UTS  YS                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 2 Mn - 1.3 Si - 0.7 Cr - 0.4 C (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH           SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
Strenx 700 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
Strenx 960 Plus D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Docol S355 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
D38MSV5S D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
1 Cr - 0.25 Mo (wt %) (WNr 1.7335) (ISO/EN/DIN 15CrMo5) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
1 Cr - 0.5 Mo (wt %) (UNS K11562) (ISO/EN/DIN 13CrMo44) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD                                                 FEN                                                                                                                                    
1 Cr - 1 Mo - 0.1 V (wt %) (AISI 604) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                             UTS  YS                 SR                                                                                                                                         
1 Cr - 1 Mo - 0.25 V (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Temper Tough alloy (UNS K63835) (AMS 6482) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
PremoMet alloy (UNS K63835) (AMS 6482) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                          FSN                                                                                                                               
JIS G4105 SCM435 (JIS G4105SCM435) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
28CrMoV5-8 (ISO/EN/DIN 28CrMoV5-8) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC*                        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS                                                                                                                          
34CrNi3MoV (GB & GB/T 34CrNi3MoV)                                                    SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
2.25 Cr - 1 Mo (ASTM A542) (UNS K21590) (WNr 1.7383) (ISO/EN/DIN 11CrMo9-10) (ASTM A182/A199/A200/A213/A234/A335/A336/A369/A387/A541/A542) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD          SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN       CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
17-22A (UNS K14675) (AISI 601) (AMS 6304) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
17-22AS (UNS K23015) (AISI 602) (AMS 6302/6385/6458) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
17-22AV (UNS K22770) (AISI 603) (AMS 6303/6436) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                             UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
D6a/D6ac (UNS K24728) (ASTM A355/A579) (AMS 5027/5028/6431/6438/6439) D  DLL  MTE       E                           SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                   RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
SIQUAL 5122 (WNr 1.5122) (ISO/EN/DIN 37MnSi5) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
SIQUAL 5752 (WNr 1.5752) (ISO/EN/DIN 14NiCr14/15NiCr13) (AISI 3310/3415) (SAE 3310/3415) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SIQUAL 5919 (WNr 1.5919) (ISO/EN/DIN 15CrNi6) (AISI 3115) (SAE 3115) D  DLL  MTE       E*                                                                                                                                                                                                        
SIQUAL 6587 (WNr 1.6587) (ISO/EN/DIN 17CrNiMo6/17CrNiMo7/18CrNiMo7-6) (SAE 4820) (GB & GB/T 17Cr2Ni2Mo) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*          SSCC                                                                      RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SIQUAL 7016 (WNr 1.7016) (ISO/EN/DIN 17Cr3) (SAE 4615/5117) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SIQUAL 7131 (WNr 1.7131) (ISO/EN/DIN 16MnCr5/17Mn1Cr95) (SAE 5115/5117) (AFNOR 16MC5) (GB & GB/T 15CrMn/16MnCr) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SIQUAL 7147 (WNr 1.7147) (ISO/EN/DIN 20MnCr5) (JIS SMnC420H) (SAE 4820) (AFNOR 20MC5) (GB & GB/T 20CrMn/20CrMnTi/20MnCr) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SIQUAL 7264 (WNr 1.7264) (ISO/EN/DIN 20MnCr5) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
SIQUAL 8509 (WNr 1.8509) (ISO/EN/DIN 41CrAlMo7/41CrAlMo7-10) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
SIQUAL 8519 (WNr 1.8519) (ISO/EN/DIN 31CrMoV9) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
SIQUAL 8550 (WNr 1.8550) (ISO/EN/DIN 34CrAlNi7/34CrAlNi7-10) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K                                                                                                                                                                                                
HY-80 D*                E*          TC              SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
HY-100 (UNS K32045) D*                            TC              SSC  SSCC  UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
HY-130 D  DLL  MTE  CTE                              SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
30Cr1Mo1V D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
30Cr2Ni4MoV D*                                                 SSCC                                   FSN                                                                                                                               
ASME Grade P23/T23 (UNS K41650) (ISO/EN/DIN 7CrWVMoNb9-6) D*                                                                               SR                                                                                                                                         
ASME Grade T23 (ISO/EN/DIN 7CrWVMoNb9-6) (JIS STBA24J1/STPA24J1) D*                                                                               SR                                                                                                                                         
P9 (9 Cr - 1 Mo (wt %)) (UNS S50400) (WNr 1.7386) (ASTM A335/A387) D  DLL  MTE       E                   SH      SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
P91 (9 Cr - 1 Mo (wt %)) (UNS K90901/K91560) (WNr 1.4903) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrMoVNb9-1) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD* SH      SSC        UTS  YS                 SR  FEN                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
ASME P92 (9 Cr - 0.5 Mo - 2 W (wt %)) (UNS K92460) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrWMoVNb9-2) (ASTM A182) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC              SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                                                                                                                    
ASTM A213 / SA-387 (9 Cr - 1 Mo (wt %) or G91) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE       E                   SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                                                                                                                    
Modified 9 Cr - 1 Mo (wt %) (Gr. 91) (UNS K91560) D  DLL  MTE       E                   SH                                         SR  FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
9 Cr - 1 Mo - V - Nb (wt %) (T91) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD* SH                                         SR                                                                                                                                         
E911 (9 Cr - 1 Mo - 1 W (wt %)) (WNr 1.4905) (ISO/EN/DIN X11CrMoWVNb9-1-1) (ASTM E911) D  DLL  MTE       E                                                              SR                                                                                                                                         
SINOXX 4903 (WNr 1.4903) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrMoVNb9-1) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE                   TC* TD* SH*                     YS                 SR                                                                                                                                         
ASTM A289 (ISO/EN/DIN 18Mn18Cr) D*                                                                                   FEN                                                                                                                                    
9Cr2W D*                                            SSC                                SR                                                                                                                                         
9Cr3W D*                                            SSC                                SR                                                                                                                                         
GP91 (ISO/EN/DIN GX12CrMoVNbN9-1) D*                                                                                   FEN                                                                                                                                    
P122 steel D*                                                                               SR                                                                                                                                         
9 Cr - 2 Mo (wt %) D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
9 Cr - 3 Mo (wt %) D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
RAFM steel (9 Cr - 1 W (wt %)) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                       SSCC                YSC                                                                                                                                                  
S65007 (UNS S65007) (ISO/EN/DIN X45CrSi93) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
VM12-SHC (ASME Code Case 2781) (WNr 1.4915) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrCoWMoVNb12-2-2) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                         UTS  YS                 SR                                                                                                                                         
AFC-260 (Fe - 16 Cr - 13 Co - 5 Mo - 2 Ni (wt %)) D  DLL  MTE       E                                      UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
UNS S65006 (UNS S65006) (WNr 1.4747) (ISO/EN/DIN X80CrNiSi20) (JIS SUH4) (SAE HNV-6) (AFNOR Z80CSN20-02) D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
ASME TP347HFG (UNS S34710) (ISO/EN/DIN X8CrNiNb1811) (ASTM A213/A213M) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                                                 SR                                                                                                                                         
XA704 (UNS S34705) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE       E                                                              SR                                                                                                                                         
Alloy 709 (NF 709) (UNS S31025) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiMo17132) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE       E                           SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                                                                                                                    
HR3C (UNS S31042) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiNbN2520) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                                                 SR                                                                                                                                         
MN25R (UNS S30925) (ASTM A213) D*                                                                               SR                                                                                                                                         
ATI 20-25+Nb (UNS S35140) (ASTM A240) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
UNS N08354 (UNS N08354) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS K63017 (UNS K63017) D  DLL  MTE       E*                                     UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
2101 duplex stainless (UNS S32101) (WNr 1.4162) D  DLL  MTE       E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH           SSCC                                                                      RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
CA6NM (UNS J91540) (ASTM A352/A487/A743/A757) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
CA15 (UNS J91150) (ASTM A217/A426/A487/A743) (SAE 60410) (AMS 5351B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
CA40 (UNS J91153) (ASTM A743) (SAE 60420) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
CB7Cu-1 (UNS J92180) (ASTM A747) (AMS 5398B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
CB7Cu-2 (UNS J92110) (ASTM A747) (AMS 5398B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
CB30 (UNS J91803) (ASTM A743) (SAE 60442) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
CC50 (UNS J92615) (ASTM A743) (SAE 60446) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                                                                            NE                                                                                                              
CD4MCu (UNS J93370) (ASTM A890) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
CE30 (UNS J93423) (ASTM A743) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
CF3 (UNS J92500) (ASTM A351/A451/A743/A744) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                         HE                                                                                                                  
CF3M (UNS J92800) (JIS SUS316/SUS316L) (ASTM A351/A451/A743/A744) (GB & GB/T 00Cr17Ni14Mo2/0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El                             NE                                                                                                              
CF8 (UNS J92600) (ASTM A351/A451/A743/A743/A744) (SAE 60304) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE      VP       ST                                                                                                 
CF8C (UNS J92710) (ASTM A351/A451/A743/A744) (SAE 60347) (AMS 5363B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE  NE                                                                                                              
CF8M (UNS J92900) (ASTM A351/A743/A744) (SAE 60316) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                         NE                                                                                                              
CF12M (ASTM A451) (SAE 60316) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                    NE                                                                                                              
CF16F (UNS J92701) (ASTM A743) (SAE 60303/60303a) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                                                                        HE                                                                                                                  
CF20 (UNS J92602) (ASTM A743) (SAE 60302) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
CG8M (UNS J93000) (ASTM A743/A744) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
CH20 (UNS J93402) (ASTM A351/A451) (SAE 60309) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
CK20 (UNS J94202) (ASTM A351/A451/A743) (SAE 60310) (AMS 5365A) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE                                                                                                                  
CN7M (UNS J95150/N80020) (ASTM A351/A743/A744) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
HG10MnN (UNS J92604) (ASTM A297) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                         UTS  YS                 SR                                                                                                                                         
Hardox 400 D*                E                           SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Toolox 33 D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Toolox 40 D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Toolox 44 D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
45CrNiMoVA D*                                                 SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
HY-180 (UNS K91970) D*                E*                          SSC  SSCC  UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
HY-TUF (UNS K32550) (ASTM A579) (AMS 6418) D*                E                                      UTS  YS                          FSN                                                                                                                               
Super HY-TUF (UNS K32550) (ASTM A322) (AMS 2300/2301/2304/6418/6425/S-7108) D*                E                                                                       FSN                                                                                                                               
300M (UNS K44220) (ASTM A579) (AMS 6419) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
AMS 5700 (UNS K66009) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
19-9 DL (UNS K63198) (ASTM A453/A457/A458/A477) (AISI 651) (SAE J467) (AMS 5526/5527/5579/5720/5721/5722) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
19-9 DX (UNS S63199) (AISI 652) (AMS 5538) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS       YSC       SR            CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
8 Ni steel                                               SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
9 Ni steel (UNS K81340) (ASTM A1334/A333/A353M/A522/A553M) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC              SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
HP 9-4-20 (UNS K91461/K91472) (AMS 6468/6523/6525) D  DLL  MTE       E                   SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC                                                                                                                                                  
HP 9-4-25 (UNS K91122) (AMS 6546) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
HP 9-4-30 (UNS K91283) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                           SSC        UTS  YS       YSC  %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
HP 9-4-45 D  DLL  MTE       E                                      UTS  YS       YSC  %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
AerMet 100 (UNS K92580) (AMS 6478/6532) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC              SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS                          FSN                                                                              RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
AerMet 340 D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                          FSN                                                                                                                               
AF1410 (AMS 6527) D*                E  G  v  K                       SSCC  UTS  YS            %El      FEN                                                                                                                                    
Ferrium C61 (AMS 6517) (UNS K93061) D  DLL  MTE                                              UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Ferrium C64 (AMS 6509) (UNS K92731) (AMS 6509) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                          FSN                                                                                                                               
Ferrium M54 (AMS 6516) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K* TC                         UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
Ferrium S53 (UNS S10500) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC  TD  SH                 UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
255 (UNS S32520/S32550) (WNr 1.4507) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3) (ASTM A240/A276M/A479) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
ATI 332Mo (UNS S35125) (ASTM A240) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                     UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
ATI 334Mo (UNS S33425) (ASTM A240/A480) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                     UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
AL-6XN (UNS N08367) (WNr 1.4529) (JIS SUS836L) (ASTM A182/A194/A240/A249/A269/A270/A351/A358/A409/A479/A688/A743/A744/A813/A814/B366/B462/B472/B472/B564/B675/B676/B688/B690/B691/B804/B834) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
HT-9 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
IN-519 (WNr 1.4855) (ISO/EN/DIN GX40CrNiSiNb24-24) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Lapelloy C D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
H-46 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Chromium steel (12.25 Cr wt%) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                   SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
NCF 3015 (UNS S66315) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
1.3964 (WNr 1.3964) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMnMoNNb21-16-5-3) D  DLL  MTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
1.4037 (WNr 1.4037) (ISO/EN/DIN X65Cr13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
1.4122 (WNr 1.4122) (ISO/EN/DIN X39CrMo17-1) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4713 (WNr 1.4713) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrAl7/X10CrAlSi7) (AFNOR Z8CA7) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4724 (WNr 1.4724) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrAl13/X10CrAlSi13) (AFNOR Z10C13/Z13C13) (GB & GB/T OCr13Al) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4732 (WNr 1.4732) (ISO/EN/DIN X80CrSiMoW15-2) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4736 (WNr 1.4736) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrAlTi18-2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4821 (WNr 1.4821) (ISO/EN/DIN X15CrNiSi25-4/X20CrNiSi25-4) (AFNOR Z20CNS25-04) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4873 (WNr 1.4873) (ISO/EN/DIN X45CrNiW18-9) (SAE EV9) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4887 (WNr 1.4887) (ISO/EN/DIN X6NiCrNbCe32-27) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4910 (WNr 1.4910) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMoBN17-13-3) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
1.4922 (WNr 1.4922) (ISO/EN/DIN X20CrMoV11-1/X22CrMoV11-1) (GB & GB/T 1Cr11MoV) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                              YS                 SR            CRS                                                                                                                          
1.4923 (WNr 1.4923) (ISO/EN/DIN X21CrMoNiV12-1/X22CrMoV12-1) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
1.4960 (WNr 1.4960) (ISO/EN/DIN X40CrNiCoNb1313) D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Ferrotherm 4742 (WNr 1.4742) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrAl18/X10CrAlSi18) (AFNOR Z10CAS18) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Ferrotherm 4828 (WNr 1.4828) (ISO/EN/DIN X15CrNiSi2012) (JIS SUH309/SUS309) (AFNOR Z17CNS20-12) (GB & GB/T 1Cr20Ni14Si2) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Thermodur E40K D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Dynaflex Vac-Arc D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                                              SR       FSN                                                                                                                               
COST E                                                               YS                 SR                                                                                                                                         
COST FB2 (ISO/EN/DIN X13CrMoCoVNbNB921)                                                    SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
CBS-50 NiL (UNS K91231) (AMS 6278) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                                                      FSN                                                                                                                               
CBS-600 (AMS 6255) (AMS 6255) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
CSS-42L VIM-VAR (AMS 5932) (AMS 5932) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
CRB-7 alloy D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Sanicro 25 (UNS S31035) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS                 SR  FEN  FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
201 (UNS S20100) (WNr 1.4372) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrMnNiN17-7-5) (JIS SUS201) (ASTM A412/A429/A666) (AISI 201) (SAE J405) (AFNOR Z12CMN17-07Az) (GB & GB/T 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                     HE                   RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
201L (UNS S20103) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                         HE                   RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
201LN (UNS S20153) (WNr 1.4371) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrMnNiN17-7-5) (ASTM A240) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
202 (UNS S20200) (WNr 1.4373) (ISO/EN/DIN X18CrMnNiN18-9-5) (JIS SUS202) (ASTM A314/A412/A429/A473/A666) (AISI 202) (SAE J405) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS                                                                                                                                                            
301 (UNS S30100) (WNr 1.4310) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrNi18-8) (JIS SUS301) (ASTM A167/A177/A554/A666) (AISI 301) (SAE J405) (AMS 5517/5518/5519) (AFNOR Z11CN18-08/Z12CN17-07) (GB & GB/T 1Cr17Ni7) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC      NE               RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
301LN (UNS S30153) (WNr 1.4318) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiN18-7) (JIS G4305/SUS301L) (ASTM A666) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC* TD* SH*     SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
302 (UNS S30200) (WNr 1.4300) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNi18-8) (JIS SUS302) (ASTM A167/A240/A276/A313/A479/A580) (AISI 302) (SAE J230/J405) (AMS 5515/5516/5600) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
302HQ (UNS S30430) (JIS SUSXM7) (ASTM A276/A493/F593) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
302HQ-FM (UNS S30431) (JIS SUS304J3) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
303 (UNS S30300) (WNr 1.4305) (ISO/EN/DIN X8CrNiS18-9) (JIS SUS303) (ASTM A194/A314/A320/A473/A473/A581/A582/A895) (AISI 303) (SAE J405) (AMS 5640) (AFNOR Z10CNF18-09/Z8CNF18-09) (GB & GB/T Y1Cr18Ni9) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                         HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
303Al (UNS S30345) D  DLL  MTE       E                                                                                                                                                                                                         
304 (UNS S30400) (WNr 1.4301) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNi18-10/X5CrNi18-9) (JIS SUS304) (ASTM A167/A182/A193/A276/A314/A320/A479) (AISI 304) (SAE J405) (AMS 5501/5513/5639/5647/5697) (AFNOR Z6CN18-09/Z7CN18-09) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni9) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC  HE      VP       ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
304 Cu (WNr 1.4567) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiCu1894) (JIS SUSXM7) (AISI 304Cu) (AFNOR Z3CNU18-10) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni9Cu3) D  DLL  MTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
304L (UNS S30403) (WNr 1.4306/1.4307) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNi18-9/X2CrNi19-11) (JIS SUS304L) (ASTM A167/A182/A193/A213/A276/A314/A320/A479) (SAE J405) (AMS 5511/5639/5647/5697) (AFNOR Z2CN18-10/Z3CN18-10/Z3CN19-10M) (GB & GB/T 00Cr19Ni10) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR  FEN  FSN           HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
304LN (UNS S30453) (WNr 1.4311) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiN18-10) (JIS SUS304LN) (AFNOR Z2CN18-10Az/Z3CN18-10Az) (GB & GB/T 00Cr18Ni10N) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC                              FEN                HE      VP           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
304H (UNS S30409) (WNr 1.4301/1.4948) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNi18-10) (JIS SUS304) (AFNOR Z6CN18-09) (GB & GB/T 1Cr18Ni9) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                         SR            CRS      HE      VP           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Super 304H (304HCu) (UNS S30432) (WNr 1.4907) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrNiCuNb189) (ASTM A213) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                         SR  FEN                HE      VP                                                                                                          
305 (UNS S30500) (WNr 1.4303) (ISO/EN/DIN X4CrNi18-12) (JIS SUS305J1) (ASTM A167/A193/A240/A249/A314/A320/A473/A580) (AISI 305) (SAE J405) (AMS 5514/5685) (AFNOR Z1CN18-12) (GB & GB/T 1Cr18Ni12) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD* SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
308 (UNS S30800) (WNr 1.4303) (AISI 308) (AFNOR Z1CN18-12) (GB & GB/T 1Cr18Ni12) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
309 (UNS S30900) (WNr 1.4829/1.4833) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNi22-12/X12CrNi24-12/X15CrNiSi20-12) (JIS SUH309) (ASTM A167/A249/A276/A312/A314/A479/A580) (AISI 309) (GB & GB/T 0Cr23Ni13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
310 (UNS S31000) (WNr 1.4841/1.4845) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNi25-20/X12CrNi25-21) (JIS SUH310) (ASTM A167) (AISI 310) (SAE 303010) (GB & GB/T 0Cr25Ni20) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
310S (UNS S31008) (WNr 1.4842/1.4845) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNi25-20/X8CrNi25-21) (JIS SUS310/SUS310S) (ASTM A167/A240/A240M/A276/A314) (AISI 310S) (SAE 30310S/J405) (AMS 5521/5572/5577/5651) (AFNOR Z12CN25-20/Z8CN25-20) (GB & GB/T 0Cr25Ni20) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
314 (UNS S31400) (WNr 1.4841) (ISO/EN/DIN X15CrNiSi25-20/X15CrNiSi25-21) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A580) (AISI 314) (SAE J405) (AMS 5522/5652) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
316 (UNS S31600) (WNr 1.4401/1.4436) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMo17-13-3/X5CrNiMo17-12-2) (JIS SUS316) (ASTM A182/A276/A314/A479) (AISI 316) (AMS 5648/5653) (AFNOR Z6CND17-11/Z6CND17-12/Z7CND17-11-02/Z7CND18-12-03) (GB & GB/T 0Cr17Ni12Mo2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN               NE      Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
316H (UNS S31609) (WNr 1.4401) (ASTM A213/A269/A312/A358) (GB & GB/T 0Cr17Ni12Mo2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC                          SR                         NE      Vis  ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
316L (UNS S31603) (WNr 1.4404/1.4432/1.4435) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMo17-12-2/X2CrNiMo17-12-3/X2CrNiMo18-14-3) (JIS SUS316L) (ASTM A240/A666) (AISI 316L) (AMS 5507) (AFNOR Z2CND17-12/Z2CND17-13/Z2CND18-13/Z3CND17-11-02/Z3CND17-12-03/Z3CND18-14-03) (GB & GB/T 00Cr17Ni14Mo2/0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN               NE           ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
316LN (UNS S31653) (WNr 1.4406/1.4429) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoN17-11-2/X2CrNiMoN17-13-3) (JIS SUS316LN) (ASTM A240) (AFNOR Z2CND17-13/Z3CND17-11Az/Z3CND17-12Az) (GB & GB/T 00Cr17Ni12Mo2N/00Cr17Ni13Mo2N) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN               NE               RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
316LS / 316LVM (UNS S31653) (WNr 1.4406/1.4429) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoN17-11-2/X2CrNiMoN17-13-3) (ASTM A240/F138) (AFNOR Z2CND17-13/Z3CND17-11Az) (GB & GB/T 00Cr17Ni12Mo2N/00Cr17Ni13Mo2N) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                  FSN               NE               RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
316NG (UNS S31600) (WNr 1.4401) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiMo17-12-2) (GB & GB/T 0Cr17Ni12Mo2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                             FEN                    NE                                                                                                              
316 Ti (UNS S31635) (WNr 1.4571) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2) (JIS SUS316Ti) (AFNOR Z6CNDT17-12) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Alloy D9 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
CF-8M (UNS S31600) (WNr 1.4401) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiMo17-12-2) (GB & GB/T 0Cr17Ni12Mo2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                             FEN                                                                                                                                    
317 (UNS S31700) (WNr 1.4449) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiMo17-13/X5CrNiMo18-15-4) (JIS SUS317) (ASTM A182/A213/A240/A249/A276/A312/A358/A376/A403/A430) (AISI 317) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
317L (UNS S31703) (WNr 1.4438) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMo18-15-4/X2CrNiMoN18-15-4) (JIS SUS317L) (ASTM A167/A240) (AISI 317L) (AFNOR Z2CND19-15/Z3CND19-15-04) (GB & GB/T 00Cr19Ni13Mo3) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
321 (UNS S32100) (WNr 1.4541) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiTi18-10) (JIS SUS321) (ASTM A167/A182/A193) (AISI 321) (SAE J405) (AMS 5510/5557/5570) (AFNOR Z6CNT18-10) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni10Ti/1Cr18Ni11Ti/H0Cr20Ni10Ti) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC  HE                   RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
321H (UNS S32109) (WNr 1.4541/1.4878) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiTi18-10/Z12CrNiTi189) (JIS SUS321) (AFNOR Z6CNT18-10/Z6CNT18-12(B)) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni10Ti/1Cr18Ni9Ti) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                         SR            CRS      HE                   RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
S32053 (UNS S32053) (JIS SUS836L) (ASTM A240) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
329 (UNS S31200/S32900) (WNr 1.4460) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMoN27-5-2/X4CrNiMo27-5-1/XBCrNiMo27-5) (JIS SUS329J1) (ASTM A268/A511) (AISI 329) (AFNOR Z5CND27-05Az) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
334 (UNS S33400) (ASTM 334) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
347 (UNS S34700) (WNr 1.4550) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiNb18-10) (JIS SUS347) (ASTM A167/A182/A193/A479) (AISI 347) (SAE J405) (AMS 55125556) (AFNOR Z6CNNb18-10) (GB & GB/T 0Cr18Ni11Nb) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC  HE  NE               RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
348 (UNS S34800) (ASTM A167/A182/A213/A240/A249/A269/A276/A312/A314) (AISI 348) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K      TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN       CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
15Cr15Ni1MoTi (ISO/EN/DIN 15Cr15Ni1MoTi) D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                 SR                                                                                                                                         
X10NiCrMoTiB1515 (DIN 1.4970) (WNr 1.4970) (ISO/EN/DIN X10NiCrMoTiB15-15) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Esshete 1250 (UNS S21500) (WNr 1.4982) (ASTM A213) (AFNOR X10CrNiMoMnNbVB15-10-1) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                                                 SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Crucible HNM D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
403 (UNS S40300) (WNr 1.4004/1.4024) (ISO/EN/DIN X10Cr12/X15Cr13) (JIS SUS403) (ASTM A176/A276/A314/A473) (AISI 403/614) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E        K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
403Nb D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E        K  TC                   SSCC       YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
405 (UNS S40500) (WNr 1.4002) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrAl13) (JIS SUS438HP) (ASTM A176/A240/A268/A276/A314) (AISI 405) (AFNOR Z6CAI13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
409 (UNS S40900) (WNr 1.4512) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrTi12) (JIS SUH409) (ASTM A176/A268/A651) (AISI 409) (SAE J405) (AFNOR Z6CT12) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
409HP (S40910) (UNS S40910) (AISI 409HP) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
409HP (S40920) (UNS S40920) (AISI 409HP) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
409HP (S40930) (UNS S40930) (AISI 409HP) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
410 (UNS S41000) (WNr 1.4006) (ISO/EN/DIN X10Cr13/X12Cr13) (JIS SUS410) (ASTM A176/A182/A276/A479/A493/A580/F899) (AISI 410) (SAE J405) (AMS 5504/5505/5613) (AFNOR Z10C13/Z13C13) (GB & GB/T 1Cr12) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
410S (UNS S41008) (WNr 1.4000) (ISO/EN/DIN X6Cr13) (JIS SUS403) (ASTM A240) (AFNOR Z6C13) (GB & GB/T 0Cr13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
414 (UNS S41400) (WNr 1.4313) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMo13-4/X8CrNi13) (JIS SUSTi6NM) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A511/A580) (AISI 414) (SAE J405) (AMS 5615) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
416 (UNS S41600) (WNr 1.4005) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrS13) (JIS SUS416) (ASTM A194/A314/A473/A581/A582) (AISI 416) (SAE J405) (AMS 5610) (GB & GB/T Y1Cr13) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                     RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
S42030 (UNS S42030) D  DLL  MTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
420 (UNS S42000) (WNr 1.4021/1.4028/1.4031/1.4034) (ISO/EN/DIN X20Cr13/X30Cr13/X39Cr13/X39Cr13/X40Cr14/X46Cr13) (JIS SUS420J1/SUS420J1/SUS420J2) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A580) (AISI 420) (SAE J405) (AMS 5506/5621/7207) (AFNOR X20Cr13/Z20C13/Z33C13/Z40C14) (GB & GB/T 2Cr13/3Cr13/4C13/X20Cr13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
420 mod (WNr 1.2316) (ISO/EN/DIN X38CrMo16) (AISI 420mod) (AFNOR Z35CD17) D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
10 wt% Cr (similar to 422, slightly lower C & Cr) D*                                                 SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
422 (UNS S42200) (JIS SUH616) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A580) (AISI 422) (SAE J405) (AMS 5506/5621/7207) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
422M D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                             UTS  YS                                                                                                                                                            
430 (UNS S43000) (WNr 1.4016) (ISO/EN/DIN X6Cr17) (JIS SUS430) (ASTM A176/A182/A240/A276/A314/A473/A479/A493/A580) (AISI 430) (SAE J405) (AMS 5503/5627) (AFNOR Z8C17) (GB & GB/T 1Cr15/1Cr17) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                      ST  RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
430F (UNS S43020) (WNr 1.4104/1.4105) (ISO/EN/DIN X14CrMoS17/X6CrMoS17) (JIS SUS430F) (ASTM A314/A473/A581/A582/A838) (AISI 430F) (SAE J405) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
430 Ti (UNS S43036) (WNr 1.4510) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrTi17) (AFNOR Z8CT17) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
431 (UNS S43100) (WNr 1.4057) (ISO/EN/DIN X17CrNi16-2) (JIS SUS431) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A479/A493/A579/A580) (AISI 431) (SAE J405) (AMS 5628) (AFNOR Z15CN16-02) (GB & GB/T 1Cr17Ni2/ML1Cr17Ni2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
433 (AISI 433) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
434 (UNS S43400) (WNr 1.4113) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrMo17-1) (JIS SUS434) (AISI 434) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                           SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
436S (AISI 436S) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
439 (UNS S43035) (WNr 1.4510) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrTi17) (JIS SUS430LX) (ASTM A240/A268/A479/A651) (AISI 439) (AFNOR Z4CT17/Z8CT17) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
439HP (AISI 439HP) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El* SR       FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
440A (UNS S44002) (WNr 1.4116) (ISO/EN/DIN X50CrMoV15) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A580/F899) (AMS 5631) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS* YS*                                                            RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
440B (UNS S44003) (WNr 1.2361) (ISO/EN/DIN X91CrMoV18) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A580/F899) (AISI 440B) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
440C (UNS S44004) (WNr 1.3544/1.4125) (ISO/EN/DIN X105CrMo17) (JIS SUS440C) (ASTM A276/A314/A473/A493/A580/A756) (AISI 440C) (SAE J405) (AMS 5618/5630/5880/7445) (AFNOR Z100CD17) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD* SH*                UTS* YS*      YSC  %El*          FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Cronidur 30 (WNr 1.4108) (ISO/EN/DIN X30CrMoN151) (SAE 5898) (AMS 5659/5898) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                 UTS                %El                                                                                                                                             
Boehler N685 (WNr 1.2361/1.4112) (ISO/EN/DIN X90CrMoV18/X91CrMoV18) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Boehler N690 (WNr 1.4528) (ISO/EN/DIN X105CrCoMo18-2) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
441 (UNS S44100) (WNr 1.4509) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrTiNb18) (ASTM A240/A554) (AISI 441) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS                 SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
441 HP (AISI 441HP) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS                 SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
443 (UNS S44300) (AISI 443) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
444 (UNS S44400) (WNr 1.4511/1.4521) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrMoTi18-2) (JIS SUS444) (ASTM A240/A268/A276/SA240/SA268) (AFNOR Z3CDT18-02) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
446 (UNS S44600) (WNr 1.4749/1.4762/1.4763) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrAlSi25/X18CrN28/X8Cr24) (JIS SUH446) (ASTM A268) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS          NE               RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
AM-350 (UNS S35000) (ASTM A579/A693) (AISI 633) (SAE J467) (AMS 5546/5548/5554/5745) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC              SSC        UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
AM-355 (UNS S35500) (ASTM A564/A579/A693/A705) (AISI 634) (SAE J467) (AMS 5547/5549/5594/5743/5744/5780) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
13-8 Mo PH (UNS S13800) (WNr 1.4534) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMoAl13-8-2) (ASTM A564/A693/A705/XM-13) (AMS 5629/5840/5864/5934) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                    RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
14-8 Mo PH (UNS S14800) (AMS 5601/5603) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS                                                                                                                          
15-5 PH (UNS S15500) (WNr 1.4594) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiMoCuNb14-5) (ASTM A564/A693/A705/F899/XM-12) (AMS 5658/5659/5826) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS       YSC       SR       FSN  CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                   RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
15-7 Mo PH (UNS S15700) (WNr 1.4532/1.4574) (ASTM A461/A564/A579/A693/A705) (AISI 632) (SAE J476) (AMS 5520/5657/5812/5813) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
17-4 PH (UNS S17400) (WNr 1.4542/1.4548) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiCuNb16-4) (JIS SUS630) (ASTM A564/A693/A705) (AISI 630) (AMS 5604/5622/5643/5825/5827/7474) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
17-7 PH (UNS S17700) (WNr 1.4568) (ISO/EN/DIN X7CrNiAl17-7) (JIS SUS631) (ASTM A313/A564/A579/A693/A705) (AISI 631) (AMS 5528/5529/5568/5644/5678/5824) (AFNOR Z3CNU18-09FF) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Gall-tough (UNS S20161) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Gall-tough Plus (UNS S20162/S21800) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
ATI S240 alloy (UNS S11900) (AMS 5929) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
EOS StainlessSteel CX D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
THERMAK 17 D  DLL  MTE  CTE                      SH*                UTS  YS            %El*                                                                                                                                            
Custom 450 (UNS S45000) (ASTM A564/A693/A705/A959/XM-25) (AMS 5763/5773/5863) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Custom 455 (UNS S45500) (ASTM A313/A564/A693/A705/XM-16) (AMS 5578/5647/5860) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Custom 465 (UNS S46500) (ASTM A564/A693/F899) (AMS 5936) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC                         UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
JETHETE M-152 (Moly Ascoloy or FV566) (UNS S64152) (WNr 1.4933/1.4938/1.4939) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNiMoV12-3) (AFNOR Z12CNDV12) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                                                                                                               
Stainless W (UNS S17600) (ASTM A564/A693/A705) (AISI 635) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
182-FM (UNS S18200) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
SCF 19 Max (UNS S21000) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC                                                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
NAS H840 D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
NAS NM15M D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
NAS NM17 D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Datalloy 2 ESR D*                E* G* v* K*                            UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Staballoy AG17 D*                                                       UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
15-15HS D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                          FSN                                                                                                                               
15-15LC (UNS S21300) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                          FSN                                                                                                                               
Nitronic 19D D  DLL  MTE  CTE                              SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
Nitronic 30 (UNS S20400) D  DLL  MTE                                              UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN                                                                                                                               
Nitronic 32 (UNS S24100) (ASTM XM-28) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K*                            UTS  YS            %El                                                                                            RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Nitronic 33 (UNS S24000) (ASTM XM-29) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Nitronic 40 (UNS S21900/S21904) (ASTM A276/A314/A412/A429/A473/A580) (AMS 5561) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC                         UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO* SIGMA*                                   RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Nitronic 50 (UNS S20910) (WNr 1.3964) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMnMoN25-18-6-5/X3CrNiMnMoNbN23-17-5-3) (ASTM A240/A276/A412/A479/F1314/X580/XM-19) (AMS 5764/5861) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*          SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                   RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
Nitronic 60 (UNS S21800) (ASTM A193/A276/A314/A351/A479/A580/A743) (AMS 5848) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
SINOXX 3816 (WNr 1.3816) (ISO/EN/DIN X8CrMnN18-18) D  DLL  MTE       E*                                                                                                                                                                                                        
SINOXX 4120 (WNr 1.4120) (ISO/EN/DIN X20CrMo13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SINOXX 4580 (WNr 1.4580) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiMoNb17-12-2) (JIS SUS316) (AISI 316) (AFNOR Z6CNDNb17-12/Z6CNDNb19-13) (GB & GB/T 0Cr17Ni12Mo2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                     YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SINOXX 4747 (WNr 1.4747) (ISO/EN/DIN X80CrNiSi20) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
SINOXX 4748 (WNr 1.4748) (ISO/EN/DIN X85CrMoV18-2) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SINOXX 4871 (UNS S63008) (WNr 1.4871) (ISO/EN/DIN X53CrMnNiN21-9) (JIS SUH35) (AISI EV8) (SAE EV8) (AFNOR Z52CMN21-09) (GB & GB/T 5Cr21Mn9Ni4N) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SINOXX 4875 (WNr 1.4875) (ISO/EN/DIN X55CrMnNiN20-8) (AISI EV12) (SAE EV12) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SINOXX 4913 (WNr 1.4913) (ISO/EN/DIN X19CrMoNbVN11-1) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                     YS                 SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SCF 260 alloy D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
21 Cr - 6 Ni - 9 Mn (wt %) (UNS S21904) (ASTM A182/A269/A276/A312/A314/A412/A473/A479/A580/A666/A813/A814/A965) (AMS 5561/5562/5595/5656) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
18-18 Plus (UNS S28200) D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Type 204-Cu D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Pyrowear 53 (UNS K71040) (AMS 6308) D  DLL  MTE                                              UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Pyrowear 675 (AMS 5930) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Greek Ascoloy (UNS S41800) (ASTM A565) (AISI 615) (SAE J467) (AMS 5508/5616/5817) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                   SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
RR2450                   E*                               SSCC                YSC*                                                                                                                                                 
S04                                               SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
SAF 2707 HD (UNS S32707) (WNr 1.4658) (ASTM A789/A790) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS                                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
SAF 3207 HD (UNS S33207) (ASTM A789/A790) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS                          FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
AISI 613 D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
16-25-6 (AISI 650) (AISI 650) (AMS 5727B) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                             UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
17-14 CuMo (AISI 653) (AISI 653) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
V-57 (AISI 663) (AISI 663) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                                                                                                                          
W545 (AISI 665) (UNS S66545) (ASTM A453) (AISI 665) (SAE J467) (AMS 5543/5741) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
Ni-SPAN C alloy 902 (Low expansion 43-PH) (UNS N09902) (AMS 5221C/5223C/5225C) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                   RPB  AP  BH  HB                                  
2003 (UNS S32003) (ASTM A240/A270/A480/A789/A790/A928) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC* TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
2102 (UNS S82001) (ASTM A240/A480/A789/A790) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K* TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
2205 (UNS S31803/S32205) (WNr 1.4462) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoN22-5-3) (JIS SUS329J3L) (ASTM A240/A276/A479/A955M) (AFNOR Z2CND22-05Az) (GB & GB/T 00Cr22Ni5Mo3N) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
2304 (UNS S32304) (WNr 1.4362) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiN23-4) (ASTM A276/A479/A955M) (AFNOR Z3CN23-04Az) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
2315 (ASTM A203) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS                          FSN                                                                                                                               
2330 (ASTM A203) D*                                                       UTS                %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
2507 (UNS S32750) (WNr 1.4410) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoN25-7-4) (ASTM A182/A479) (AFNOR Z3CND25-06Az) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
2515 D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Maraging 200 (C-type) (UNS K92810) (ASTM A538/A538M) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC                         UTS  YS       YSC* %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Maraging 250 (C-type) (UNS K92890) (ASTM A538/A538M) (AMS 6512/6520) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El           FSN  CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
Maraging 300 (C-type) (UNS K93120) (ISO/EN/DIN X3NiCoMo18-8-5) (ASTM A538/A538M) (AMS 6514/6521) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS       YSC  %El*     FEN  FSN  CRS  IC                                                                                                                      
Maraging 350 (C-type) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS       YSC* %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Maraging 200 (T-type) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                     UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Maraging 250 (T-type) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                     UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Maraging 300 (T-type) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*                                     UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
Incoloy D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Incoloy 028 (UNS N08028) (WNr 1.4563) (ISO/EN/DIN X1NiCrMoCu31-27-4) (ASTM B668/B709) (AFNOR Z1NCDU31-27-03) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS* YS*           %El* SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
ASTM B625 (UNS N08031) (WNr 1.4562) (ASTM B625) D  DLL  MTE       E*          TC* TD* SH*                UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Incoloy 330 (RA 330) (UNS N08330) (WNr 1.4864/1.4886) (ISO/EN/DIN X12NiCrSi36-16) (JIS SUH330) (ASTM B511/B512/B535/B536/B546) (SAE J405/J412) (AMS 5592/5716) (AFNOR Z12NC37-18/Z12NCS35-16/Z12NCS37-18) (GB & GB/T 1Cr16Ni35) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 800 (UNS N08800) (WNr 1.4876) (ISO/EN/DIN X10NiCrAlTi32-20/X10NiCrAlTi32-21) (JIS NCF800) (ASTM B163/B366/B407/B408/B409/B514/B515/B564) (AMS 5871) (AFNOR Z8NC32-21) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 800H & 800HT (UNS N08810/N08811) (WNr 1.4958/1.4959) (ISO/EN/DIN X10NiCrAlTi32-20/X5NiCrAlTi31-20/X8NiCrAlTi32-21) (JIS NCF800H) (ASTM B163/B407/B408/B409/B564) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                     RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 801 (UNS N08801) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Incoloy 802 (UNS N08802) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 803 (UNS S35045) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 832 D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                 UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 840 D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 864 (UNS S35135) (ASTM A240/A480) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC              SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Incoloy 865 (UNS S35115) (ASTM A240/A480) D*                E*                                     UTS* YS*           %El*     FEN                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Incoloy 904 (904L) (UNS N08904) (WNr 1.4539) (ISO/EN/DIN X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5) (JIS SUS890L) (ASTM B625/B649/B673/B674/B677) (AISI 904L) (AFNOR Z1NCDU25-20.04/Z2NCDU25-20) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy DS (WNr 1.4862) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                   SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy 25-6MO (UNS N08925/N08926) (WNr 1.4529) (ISO/EN/DIN X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-7) (ASTM A240/A472/A480/B625/B649) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*     SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Incoloy 25-6HN (UNS N08367) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Incoloy 27-7MO (UNS S31277) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Incoloy A-286 (UNS S66286) (WNr 1.4980) (ISO/EN/DIN X5NiCrTi2615) (JIS SUH660) (ASTM A453/A638) (AISI 660) (SAE J467) (AMS 5525/5728/5731/5732/5734/5735/5736/5737/5804/5805/5858/5895) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Incoloy MA 956 (UNS S67956) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
ATI JS700 (UNS N08700) (ASTM B599/B672/SB-599/SB-672) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC*                                                                                                                                                                                           
Carpenter 286-LNi alloy (UNS S66285) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Discaloy (UNS S66220) (ASTM A453/A638) (AISI 662) (SAE J467) (AMS 5733) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
Haynes 556 (UNS R30556) (WNr 1.4883) (ASTM B435/B572/B619/B622/B626) (AMS 5874) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
S-590 D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                 SR       FSN                                                                                                                               
Haynes Multimet (N-155) (UNS R30155) (WNr 1.4971) (JIS SUH661) (ASTM A567/A639) (AISI 661) (AMS 5376/5531/5532/5585/5769/5794/5795) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S29108 (UNS S29108) (ASTM F2229) (AMS 2630) D*                E* G* v* K*                            UTS* YS*           %El*          FSN                                                                                                                               
UNS S30415 (UNS S30415) (WNr 1.4818) (ISO/EN/DIN X6CrNiSiNCe19-10) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                                         SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S30600 (UNS S30600) (WNr 1.4361) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNiS18-15-4) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S30601 (UNS S30601) D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
UNS S30615 (UNS S30615) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                         UTS                                                                                                                                                                
UNS S30815 (UNS S30815) (WNr 1.4835/1.4893) (ISO/EN/DIN X10CrNiSiN21-11/X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2) (ASTM A240/A276/A312/A358/A409/A473/A479/A813/A814) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS                 SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S30908 (UNS S30908) (WNr 1.4833) (ISO/EN/DIN X12CrNi24-12/X7CrNi23-14) (JIS SUS309/SUS309S) (AISI 309S) (SAE 30309S) (AFNOR Z15CN24-13) (GB & GB/T 0Cr23Ni13) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S31002 (UNS S31002) (WNr 1.4335) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNi25-21) (ASTM 310L NAG) (AISI 310LC) (AFNOR Z2CN25-20) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S31050 (UNS S31050) (WNr 1.4466) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNiMoN25-22-2) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S31254 (UNS S31254) (WNr 1.4547) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7) (JIS SUS312L) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S31266 (UNS S31266) (WNr 1.4549/1.4659) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNiMoCuNW24-22-6) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH           SSCC  UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S31500 (UNS S31500) (WNr 1.4417) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
UNS S31725 (UNS S31725) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S31726 (UNS S31726) (WNr 1.4439) (AFNOR Z2CND19-15/Z3CND18-14-05Az) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC* TD* SH*                                                                                    RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S32654 (UNS S32654) (WNr 1.4652) (ISO/EN/DIN X1CrNiMoCuN24-22-8) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S32760 / J93380 (UNS J93380/S32760) (WNr 1.4501) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMoCuWN25-7-4) (ASTM A182/A240/A276/A314/A320/A351/A473/A479/A789/A790/A815/A890/A928/A988/A995) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
7-Mo Plus (UNS S32950) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
UNS S34565 (UNS S34565) (WNr 1.4565) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNiMnMoN25-18-6-5/X3CrNiMnMoNbN23-17-5-3) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                      UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
UNS S35315 (UNS S35315) (WNr 1.4854) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                                         SR            CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS S40977 (3Cr12) (UNS S40977) (WNr 1.4003) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrNi12) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS                          FSN  CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S42010 (UNS S42010) (WNr 1.4021) (JIS SUS420J1) (ASTM A276/A493) (AFNOR X20Cr13/Z20C13) (GB & GB/T 2Cr13/X20Cr13) D*                E*                  SH*     SSC                                         FSN                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
UNS S44627 (E-BRITE) (UNS S44627) (ASTM XM-27) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E*          TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
X46Cr13-16 (WNr 1.4304) (ISO/EN/DIN X46Cr13-16) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                           SSC        UTS  YS                          FSN                                                                                                                               
1.4418 (WNr 1.4418) (ISO/EN/DIN X4CrNiMo16-5-1) (ASTM A276/A493) (AFNOR Z6CND16-05-01) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4460 (WNr 1.4460) (ISO/EN/DIN X3CrNiMoN27-5-2/X4CrNiMo27-5-1/XBCrNiMo27-5) (JIS SUS329J1) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4520 (WNr 1.4520) (ISO/EN/DIN X2CrTi17) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                                                                                                                                                                                         
1.4589 (UNS S42035) (WNr 1.4589) (ISO/EN/DIN X5CrNiMoTi15-2) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E                                                                                                                                                                                                         
1.4872 (WNr 1.4872) (ISO/EN/DIN X25CrMnNiN25-9-7) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH*                                        SR            CRS                           RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.4877 (WNr 1.4877) (ISO/EN/DIN X6NiCrNbCe32-27) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD* SH*                                        SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
1.7224 (WNr 1.7224) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
F82H D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
38MnVS (ISO/EN/DIN 38MnVS) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
25MnCrVS (ISO/EN/DIN 25MnCrVS) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
25MnCrSiVB6 (ISO/EN/DIN 25MnCrSiVB6) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K          SH                                                  FSN                                                                                                                               
TRIP/TWIP 15 Cr - 6 Mn - 6 Ni (wt %) D*                                            SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
TWIP steel 8 Mn - 0.8 Al - 0.1 C (wt %)                                               SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TWIP steel 8 Mn - 2 Al - 0.6 C (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
TWIP steel 8 Mn - 2.3 Al - 1.3 Si - 0.4 C (wt %)                                               SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TWIP steel 18 Mn - 0.5 C (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC              SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
A128-E2 Hadfield steel (Fe - 13 Mn (wt %)) (WNr 1.3401) (ISO/EN/DIN X120Mn12) D  DLL  MTE                   TC              SSC  SSCC       YS       YSC                                                                                                                                                  
Fe - 18 Mn - 0.3 C (wt %)                                               SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 10 Al - 0.5 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 10 Al - 1 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 10 Al - 1.5 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 11 Al - 1 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 13 Al - 0.75 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 10 Al - 5 Cr - 1.5 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 11 Al - 5 Cr - 1.8 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 12 Al - 5 Cr - 1 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 20 Mn - 13 Al - 5 Cr - 1.3 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 22 Mn (wt %) D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
Fe - 22 Mn - 0.6 C (wt %) D*                                            SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Fe - 24 Mn (wt %) D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
Fe - 27 Mn - 10 Al - 1 C (wt %)                                                    SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
Fe - 30 Mn - 1 C (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 30 Mn - 3 Si - 3 Al (wt %) D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
Fe - 35 Mn (wt %)                                               SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 0.5 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 1 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 3 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 5 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 10 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 15 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 20 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 25 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 30 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 35 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 40 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 45 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 50 Ni (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 1 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                     RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 1.8 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 2.8 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE       E* G* v* K* TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*     FEN                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 3.9 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 4.4 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC  TD  SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 8 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE                   TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 10 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 12 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 15 Si (wt %) D*                                                                                                                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Fe - 20 Si (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 38 Si (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 41 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 44 Si (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 48 Si (wt %) D*                            TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 50 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 53 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                      SH                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fe - 58 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 69 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 75 Si (wt %) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fe - 11 Ni - 6.5 Si - 2.5 Cr (wt %)                                                    SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
TRIP 590 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TRIP 600 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TRIP 700 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                    FEN  FSN                                                                                                                               
TRIP 780 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TRIP 800 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
TRIP 980 D*                                                 SSCC  UTS                                                                                                                                                                
TRIP 1000 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DUAL-TEN 590 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DUAL-TEN 600 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DUAL-TEN 780 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DUAL-TEN 800 D*                E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
HSLA 100 D*                                                 SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
H220LAD D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
HSLA 280 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
HSLA 340 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
H380LAD D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                                                              FSN                                                                                                                               
HSLA 550 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DP 450 D  DLL  MTE  CTE                              SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 500 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 550 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 590 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 600 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 690 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 780 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DP 800 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 820 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DP 965 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS* YS*           %El*                                                                                                                                            
DP 980 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                         FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
QP 980 (3GAHSS) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC  SSCC                                                                                                                                                                     
QP 1180                                               SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DQSK D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
EDDS D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DDS D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
DS Type B D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
FB 590 D*                                                                                        FSN                                                                                                                               
FB 780 D*                E*                                                                      FSN                                                                                                                               
S700                                                                                           FSN                                                                                                                               
800DH D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
980 XG3 D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
55SiCrVNb D*                                            SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
API 5ST CT80 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC                                                                                                                                                                           
S350 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
S420 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
G500 D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                  SSC        UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             

Nickel alloys

Nickel (commercially pure) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC                                SR  FEN  FSN                   VP  Vis  ST                                                                                                 
Nickel D (211) (UNS N02211) (WNr 2.4116) D  DLL  MTE  CTE              TC                                                                                                                                                                                            
Nickel 200 (UNS N02200) (WNr 2.4066) (ISO/EN/DIN Ni99.2) (ASTM B160/B161/B162) D  DLL  MTE       E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El      FEN  FSN                                RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Nickel 201 (UNS N02201) (WNr 2.4068) (ISO/EN/DIN LC-Ni99) (JIS NW2201) (ASTM B160/B161/B162) (SAE 5553) (AMS 5553) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Duranickel 301 (UNS N03301) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Nickel TD (UNS N03260) D  DLL  MTE                   TC              SSC        UTS  YS       YSC  %El  SR  FEN  FSN  CRS                           RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
TD-NiCr D*                                                       UTS  YS            %El  SR                                                                                                                                         
PM 1000 D*                                                                                   FEN                                                                                                                                    
Monel 400 (UNS N04400) (WNr 2.4360) (ISO/EN/DIN NiCu30Fe) (JIS NW4400) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH      SSC        UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN  CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Monel 401 (UNS N04401) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Monel 404 (UNS N04404) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K                             UTS  YS            %El                                                                                                                                             
Monel K-500 (UNS N05500) (WNr 2.4375) (ISO/EN/DIN NiCu30Al) (ASTM B865) (AMS 4676) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH      SSC  SSCC  UTS  YS            %El  SR       FSN               NE               RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Monel R-405 (UNS N04405) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH                 UTS* YS*           %El*                                             RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
UNS N06025 (RA 602 CA) (UNS N06025) (WNr 2.4633) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
UNS N06333 (RA333) (UNS N06333) (WNr 2.4608) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC  TD  SH                 UTS  YS            %El  SR  FEN       CRS  IC                       RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
20Cb-3 (Incoloy 020) (UNS N08020) (WNr 2.4660) (ISO/EN/DIN NiCr20CuMo) (ASTM B366/B462/B463/B464/B468/B471/B472/B473/B475/B747) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E  G  v  K  TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El  SR                                          RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
20Mo-4 (UNS N08024) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K* TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
20Mo-6 (UNS N08026) (ASTM B463/B464/B468/B471/B472/B473/B474/B475/B729) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K* TC  TD* SH*                UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
20Mo-6 HS D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E* G* v* K*                                                                                                RHO* SIGMA*                                                                                    
Pyromet alloy 31 (UNS N07031) D  DLL  MTE  CTE  E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Pyromet alloy 31V (UNS N07032) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC                         UTS  YS            %El                                              RHO  SIGMA                                                                                     
Custom Age 625 Plus (UNS N07716) (ASTM B805) (AMS 5854) D  DLL  MTE  CTE                                   SSCC  UTS  YS            %El           FSN                                                                                                                               
HR6W (UNS N06674) (ASTM B166/B167/B167-08/B168/B168-18) D  DLL  MTE       E           TC              SSC                                SR  FEN                                                                                                                                    
Inconel 22 (Hastelloy C-22) (UNS N06022) (WNr 2.4602) (ISO/EN/DIN NiCr21Mo14W) (JIS NW6022) D  DLL  MTE       E  G* v* K* TC  TD  SH           SSCC  UTS  YS       &nb